• After the toddler Spanish course our infant started to respond better to sounds & images and even pronounced some words in Spanish.

    -Rachel & Frank
  • Through the Spanish language course I became more engaged in my son’s language development, and it helped me learn more about his learning style and how to help him learn better.

    – Lauren
  • The Spanish lessons are fully personalized and are tailored to my daughter’s interests and learning style. Classes are a space in which my daughter laughs, plays, speaks, and has fun.

    – Chris
  • Before the Spanish classes my son was not interested in learning a second language. Shortly after the classes, my son became really engaged and excited to attend class. He doesn’t see it as class, he sees is as time to have fun, but he is learning a lot.

    – Melissa
  • My child enjoys chatting with Ms. Grecia. He has fun while he learns a second language.

    – Mark
  • My child is acquiring skills simultaneously in English and Spanish.

    – Kristin