Our approach

Our Philosophy

To Spanish & Beyond’s philosophy is to teach our students Spanish while developing new cultural and linguistic horizons to help them develop a new global perspective. Our teachers utilize the constructivist teaching model because we strongly believe the best way for students to learn is by discovering, experimenting, analyzing, and questioning things throughout their learning process.

Our teachers act as facilitators enabling students to take advantage of their natural curiosity to learn and align their personal interest with their learning objectives. Additionally, our teachers will design experiences that involve games and fun activities that match each individual student’s learning style. Our teachers will continuously monitor progress, but we believe self-evaluation is most effective and allows the students to use learning in different contexts.

How it works?

To Spanish & Beyond believes in making learning simple.

We developed 4 easy steps to help your child develop their multilingual abilities.

1- Get to know each other

  • You will learn our philosophy and methodology
  • We want to learn from you:
    1. Student needs
    2. Parent goals
    3. Student’s interests
    4. Learning style & preferences
    5. Student’s Spanish background (if any)

2 – Develop a personalized plan according to your needs

  • We provide a customized plan to achieve your goals with the following recommendations:
    1. Lesson frequency
    2. Curriculum
    3. Teaching techniques
    4. Learning milestones
    5. Evaluation processes

3 – Decide and purchase the option that works best for you 

  • To Spanish & Beyond offerings can be found


4 – Kickoff Lessons

  • Initial Spanish level assessment
  • Customized learning plan
  • Private lessons
  • FREE group lessons*
  • Monthly check-in call with parents:
    1. Progress demonstrations
    2. Teacher evaluation
    3. Program adjustments (as needed)

* Group lessons are only available with membership level packages.         


Programs will be customized for each student.