About us

Our mission is what drives us to develop personalized, innovative, and fun programs to help children learn a new language. We do that by gamifying the learning experience, creating personalized plans for each child, and developing our students’ cognitive skills through interactive and sensory activities such as dancing and singing.


Provide multilingual communication skills to every child.

Who we are

To Spanish & Beyond is an industry leader with 40+ years’ experience teaching Spanish as a second language and creating personalized, innovative, and fun programs to help students achieve multilingualism goals.

Our values

Drive innovative learning:

We believe in continuously creating innovative and fun learning techniques to help students develop cognitive skills, learn faster, retain knowledge, and prepare for a world full of diverse challenges.

Maintain customer centric mindset:

We believe customers are the core of our business. Therefore, we create learning solutions that are fully personalized to meet each customer’s goals, have flexibility when scheduling lessons, and develop personal relationships with our customers. Overall, the environment is centered around meeting our customers’ needs.

Create opportunities through multilingualism:

We believe that learning more than one language leads to lifelong professional and personal opportunities for growth.

Our team


Rosario has 20+ years as an elementary school teacher and 15+ years’ experience as the Primary Years Program coordinator at the American School of Puebla developing & implementing innovative bilingual programs.—————————


Grecia began her teaching career 5 years ago specializing in bilingual instruction and early stimulation for toddlers. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from a top-level university in Mexico focused on cognitive development.


Antonio has 30+ years as a middle school Spanish teacher in the Mexican public school system. During his time as a Spanish teacher Antonio specialized in advanced grammar, literature, and reading comprehension.—————————


Laura has 15+ years of experience as a teacher for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school students. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in infant development & teaching and a master’s degree in preschool education.