High School (14 to 18 years old)

High School students have a unique set of interests that will drive their learning path. To Spanish & Beyond has developed a curriculum for all levels, beginner to advanced.

1- Curriculum

Our high school program is designed to match the interest of teenagers and help develop advanced Spanish skills. An example of our advanced high school level curriculum would be:

  • Content

    1. Complex sentence structure
    2. Utilization of subjunctive, indicative, & imperative verbs
    3. Advanced grammar
    4. Literature
    5. Reading comprehension
    6. Subordinate conjunctions
    7. Advanced conversations
    8. And much more

*Please note each student will have a customized program according to their age and some students may not be able to perform all activities in the curriculum right away. According to their background, some students will have to start at the basic level curriculum.

2- Expected Activities

Students will develop their skills through different fun, interactive, and sensory activities such as:

  • Activities

    1. Spanish only lessons
    2. Book discussions
    3. Writing exercises
    4. 1:1 conversations
    5. Cultural idioms

3- Benefits

The students who participate in our high school program have shown improved development in the following areas:

  • Benefits

    1. Develop conversational skills and improve confidence
    2. Improve writing, speaking, & reading skills in preparation for college
    3. Pronunciation of sounds unique to Spanish language
    4. Take advantage of speaking opportunities through our FREE group classes**

**Free group classes are only available with membership packages

4- Parent Involvement

No involvement needed other than monthly check-ins.

5- Monthly Check-ins

Monthly check-ins are good opportunities for the following conversations:

  • Check-ins

    1. Discuss opportunities for activities outside of the classroom such as Spanish language movies and songs to complement learnings from lessons
    2. Discuss any prep/help needed for upcoming school test
    3. Adjust program according to progress
    4. Share teacher’s evaluation on progress to date